ADDRESS: Steamboat Landing at 545 Third St., Ithaca NY
2022 SCHEDULE: 4/2–10/29, 9:00am to 3:00pm | 11/5–12/17, 10:00am to 2:00pm

This is the big event! Saturday markets at the pavilion are what we are famous for. They run from April to December and have a little bit of everything. Farmers, chefs and artisans bring their best products for you! There’s food, groceries, art, crafts, music, Cayuga Lake… what else could you ask for? At peak season we overflow our 88-both pavilion, with all the variety and delicious one could want. In November and December the vendor count goes down, but there’s just as much quality. These last two months especially cater to holiday meal shoppers and the gift-giving season. The last market in December is the Rutabaga Curl… something that no Ithacan can miss.


Many of our vendors have reserved booths, which means that they will be in the same spot each week, but others do not! Some vendors will be in a different booth each week, and some only attend the market during certain seasons. Numbers refer to the booth number, located at the back of each stall at the pavilion. Use the pavilion map here to create a plan for the day!

Saturday’s vendors will be updated on Friday by 8a. However, due to last-minute vendor schedule changes, this list might not be 100% accurate. Feel free to stop by the market office at any time with questions!

Saturday 5/21/22:

Booth # Business Name
1 Blue Heron Organic Farm
2 Plenty of Posies
3 Art by Mary Shelley
4 Asian Taste
5 Macro Mama
6 17th Century
7 Waid’s Honey
8 NY Cider
9 Under the Tree
10 Captivating Clay Creations
11 Bottomland Farm
12 Stick & Stone Farm
13 Littleflowers
14 Graceful Gardens
15 Silver Spoon
16 Pleasant Valley Gardens
17 Raintree Farm
18 Sandy’s Jewelry
19 Glenwood Farm
20 Solaz
21 Tibetan Momo
22 Wide Awake Bakery
23 Littletree Orchards
23BOn the Street Pita
24 Mandeville Farms
25 Dear Elaan Jewelry
26 Silent City Coffee
27 Rag Rugs
28 The Cinnamon Shoppe
29 Stoney Creek Nursery
30 Mt. Pleasant Woodworks
31 Bright Raven Apiary
32 Backyard Bakeshop
33 Silk Oak
34 Just a Few Acres
35 Sabol’s
36 Tibetan Good Loaf
37 Cayuta Sun Farm
38 Humble Hill
39 Dancing Brush
40 AshNatko Designs
41 Buried Treasures Organic Farm
42 Bellwether Cider
43 Earth ‘n’ Fire Pottery
44 Six Circles
45 Easy Living Hats
46 Spirit & Kitsch
47 Dennis Lemonade
48 Treleaven Winery
49 Van Noble Farm
50 Eve’s Cidery
51 Balance Aromatherapy
52 Jackman Vineyard
53 Mojo Sauce
54 Osayaka
55 Daring Drake/Blackduck Cidery
56 Cece + Lulu
57 Ocarinas by Shalimar and Family
58 Two Foxes
59 Main Street Farm/Head + Heal
60 Windsong Farm
61 Straw Pocket Farm
62 Forty Weight Coffee Roasters
63 Cherry Knoll
64 Kingbird Farm
65 Sunrise Samosas
66 Blue Oyster Cultivation
67 Glenhaven Vineyards
68 Bluebird Bakery
69 Oxbow Farms
70 West Haven Farm
71 H&M Hammocks
72 Raven’s Alchemy
73 Autumn’s Harvest
74 Berkshire Hills Honey
75 Thai Palace
76 Dancing Turtle
77 Mama Said Hand Pies
78 Fort Baptist Farm
79 Khmer Angkor
80 Ithaca Organics
81 Schoolyard Sugarbush
82 Crosswinds Creamery
83 Carolina Perez Designs
84 Christi Sobel
85 Knapp Farms
86 Plum Creek Designs
87 Veronika’s Pastries
88 The Magic Garden
Pavilion FloorElizabeth Andrews Studio
Pavilion Floor Laurel Branch Design