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26th Annual International Rutabaga Curl

Saturday, December 16, 2023

The 26th Annual International Rutabaga Curl will be held on the last Saturday outdoor market of the year (December 16th) at the Ithaca Farmers Market pavilion. Sign up at market to be part of the competition or sit back and enjoy the show, there’s a lot going on! Bring the whole family to this wild, wacky and ridiculous event. You’ll see MCs, referees, protestors, a chorus, instrumentalists, camera/radio crews and more rutabaga lore than you ever knew existed. Adults and kids can register on site between 10-11:30am. Younger participants can join in the turnip toss! You’ll have ample time to practice throwing and to alter your rutabaga to your own specifications.

Is this your first time attending the Curl? Or do you want to more about this internationally famous event which draws many spectators and participants from around the world? Check out the Curl’s official Wikipedia page, Facebook page, this 2019 Ithaca Voice article on the history of the Curl, or not-so-recent news from the Advanced Rutabaga Studies Institute.

Anyone who wants to sign up for the Curl should come to booth 61, where they’ll find event registration and our IFM merchandise; we’ll also have our “vintage merch” out at the IFM merch table so if you missed out on a previous years’ t-shirt or sweatshirt, you can stop by to pick one up at a discounted price.

Our schedule for the day is:

 8:30 AM Curl Set up 
 10 -11:30 AM Registration (Rutabaga Curl is 8+, Turnip Toss is under 8)

$5 registration incl. rutabaga or turnip / $10 = rutabaga and a bag

Folks can carve at carving station

 Time for practice shots while announcers get folks excited 🙂
 11:30 AM Announcer + Ref Meeting
 11:45 AM Rutabaga Goddess makes some noise!
 12:00 PM Olympic theme song/parade
 12:05 PM Parade of athletes
 12:10 Rutabaga Choir
 Cheerleaders: The Curl Girls
 Ceremonial Toss: Miss Rutabaga
 12:20 PM Turnip Toss
 12:30 PM RC – Round 1
 12:50 PM RC – Round 2
 1:10 PM RC – Round 3
 1:30 PM Final Round
 1:50 – 2 PM Final Awards: Ref’s Choice Award, 3rd, 2nd, 1st Place

Please note that all times are approximate.

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