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Is the market at the pavilion open during rainy weather?

Definitely! It is even open during snowy weather right up through most of December. The whole market is covered so it a great place to visit when bad weather curtails other outings. Some of our satellite markets are not covered and may be canceled for bad weather. Stay tuned to the website and social media!

Does the market/vendors accept EBT for payments?

Yes! You can swipe your EBT benefits card (also known as food stamps) at the market office, where the market manager will exchange your benefits for $1 and $5 tokens that can be used at any of our markets for purchasing items allowed under EBT requirements: non-prepared, non-heated foods.

Can I dock my boat near the market in order to shop there?

Yes. The Ithaca Farmer’s Market Members built a dock just for that purpose. Please be careful not to block in other boats. In particular, please stay clear of Discover Cayuga Lake's boat that comes and goes regularly from the end of the dock.

If the lot is full, where else can we park?
You can also park outside the entrance on the road shoulders or in the DMV parking lot. (Corner of Third and Hancock St)
What items are for sale at the Ithaca Farmer’s market?

A wide variety. On any given day, the variety of products changes with the vendors, but you can be assured that the items are locally produced within a 30 mile radius of the market.

  • Agricultural Produce: fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, cheese, maple syrup, honey, jelly, juice, plants, flowers, and more. Looking for organic, non-GMO, or pasture raised? We have that too.
  • Delicious Foods: freshly cooked ethnic (Chinese, Japanese, Cambodian, Mexican, Thai), American, macrobiotic, vegetarian, vegan cuisine, and baked cookies, cakes, pies, gourmet and whole-grain breads, condiments, coffee, smoothies, ice cream and more.
  • Local Artisan Products: cutting boards, baskets, pottery, leather goods, furniture, hammocks, clothing, jewelry, paintings, photographs, candles and more
Do the same vendors attend on all market days each week?

Nope. Each market day changes as new produce comes into season or different vendors join and introduce new items. Check out the vendor directory to search for certain products or members. We are also very active on social media! Check out Facebook or Instagram to see the daily news.

Are dogs allowed in the market pavilion?

No. We are sorry, but dogs are no longer allowed inside the pavilion during market on either Saturday or Sunday.  Often the market is too crowded and the liability question has become too difficult for the market to cover. However, we welcome your furry companions outside the pavilion on our extensive waterfront grounds.

How can I contact a vendor whose products I saw at the market several weeks ago?

Use the vendor directory to find who you are looking for and gain their contact information. Many vendors have their own social media accounts and websites, too.

Is the market accessible to wheelchairs, crutches, and walkers?

Yes. There is a wooden floor throughout the pavilion and vehicles can drop off people with disabilities right next to the main entrances. You may prefer to come on Sundays when it is less crowded and more leisurely.

Are children welcome at the market?

Of course, with adult supervision. The market is an exciting place for children. We often hold seasonal events that are perfect for children! Adult supervision is especially necessary in the parking lot, near the waterfront and on the dock.

How can I sell my items at the market?

Under the “vendors” menu, click on “Becoming a Vendor.” You’ll find all the information you need to know about eligibility and how to apply.

Can a person or community group rent the pavilion for a wedding or other event?

Yes. Many couples have held their weddings after market hours on the weekends and the pavilion is an excellent location for a community gathering because of its beautiful location, plentiful parking, and restroom facilities. If you would like to read the requirements for renting the pavilion, please click here.

How can our non profit group rent a booth during market hours?

If you are a non profit located within 30 miles of 545 3rd Street Ithaca, you may have a booth once per year at Market by obtaining approval from market staff using the application form. If you have questions, you may call the market manager at (607) 273-7109 or email

Is there a restaurant at or near the market?

There are numerous food vendors who provide delicious, freshly made, ready-to-eat dishes and refreshing drinks for every taste.

Do vendors take cards?

Some do, and some don’t. There is an ATM located at the pavilion near the market office. If you want to purchase merchandise or gift certificates at the market office, we do accept cards.

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