Becoming a Vendor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Ithaca Farmers Market.  For over 40 years this market has been an integral part of the local community and the regional economy.  The market is a self-governing cooperative that offers farmers, artisans, and chefs the opportunity to come together with townspeople and tourists in an exciting market atmosphere.

The Ithaca Farmers Market promotes local enterprise by providing and maintaining a viable market outlet for local family farms and self-employed artisans and chefs.  IFMMembership is restricted to producers located within a 30-mile radius of the Steamboat Landing Market Pavilion in the City of Ithaca, as determined by Google Maps. You must also grow, bake or make everything you sell.

Before applying, please take a minute to read through the following information:

  • Membership is restricted to producers who live within a 30-mile radius of the Steamboat Landing Market Pavilion who make or grow the items that you are selling.  Use this link to ensure you are within the 30-mile radius by inputting the market pavilion’s address, 545 Third Street, Ithaca, NY, and fill out the radius option with 30 miles.  There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Read the Guidelines for Easy Entry Vendors
  • Read IFM Vendor Basics
  • Please review the member guidelines for specific rules, regulations and information on what markets may be accessible for new vendors. 

Vendor Application Process

Agriculture Application

To qualify as an Agriculture vendor:

  • All items must be grown and processed by the producer/vendor on land within the official 30-mile radius of Ithaca.
  • The farm must be rented or owned by the producer. Exceptions must be approved by the Agriculture Committee.
  • An agriculture vendor may also sell items which are processed beyond cutting, drying, freezing, pressing, or packaging. These items are considered Enhanced agricultural products. These products have added ingredients not produced on your farm and may be cooked, smoked, cultured, canned, bottled or aged. All enhanced agricultural products are also considered food or craft and are subject to jurying by the appropriate committee.

See Ag Guidelines (below) for an in-depth description.

Agriculture Application Process: 


Artisan Application

Special note: Artisan membership is currently closed to new applications except those offering unique work not represented at Market.   Items such as body care, clothing, woodwork, and jewelry will no longer be considered in order to reserve our very limited space for diverse products for our customers.  Before submitting an application, please contact the co-chair of the Artisan Committee: Scott Van Gaasbeck at  We encourage prospective artisan vendors to familiarize themselves with the product diversity at market and propose creative and unique businesses which will expand the diversity of arts and crafts available to our customers!

To qualify as an artisan vendor at the Ithaca Farmers’ Market:

  • All artisan products must be of high-quality workmanship,
  • All artisan products must be designed and executed by the vendor within the official 30-mile radius of Ithaca.
  • Commercial duplication printing and/or items assembled from kits may not be sold. Basic patterns may be used.
  • Manufactured items may be incorporated in the craft work, such as jewelry findings, furniture hardware, and basic notions, provided the majority of the product is handmade and reflects the skill of the craftsperson.
  • See Artisan Guide (below) for an in-depth description.

Artisan Application Process:

Food Vendor Application

Special Note: The food member moratorium that was in place during 2018 has been lifted. 

To qualify as a food vendor all potential applicants must:

  • Produce their product within the official 30-mile radius of Ithaca, in a licensed facility.
  • Participate significantly (approximately 50%) in the hands-on preparation of their food product, and all foods the vendor sells must be made by that vendor.
  • Agriculture vendors that process foods and do not grow 75% of the ingredients for those foods are considered a food vendor.
  • Established businesses with one or more venues that collectively seat 19 or more patrons are not eligible for Market membership.
  • See IFM Food Handbook (below) for more details.

Food Vendor Application Process: