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Market Updates: Hours and Hot food

UPDATE JULY 17, 2020

Starting this weekend, on site dining is allowed again. But for now, it’s ONLY allowed at picnic tables.

This allows us to monitor the situation more closely and make sure people are wearing their masks at all times except when seated. Eating in the pavilion, on the dock or anywhere on our waterfront is still PROHIBITED. Since picnic table seating is scarce, please plan accordingly as you may have to take goods off site for consumption – or walk down the Waterfront Trail to eat!

UPDATE JUNE 30, 2020

Starting this weekend, we will be going back to regular hours.
Saturdays are open 9am-3pm
Sundays are open 10am-3pm
Wednesdays on East Hill are open 4-7pm

Hot, prepared food will also now be available for take-out for the first time since COVID began. All food items must be taken out of the market to be consumed. Please read the following guidelines as we venture into food service during a pandemic:

Hot Prepared Food WILL be allowed within the following guidelines:

  • Food vendors will reconfigure their booths to streamline ordering and delivery of items.  
  • Pickup locations will be designated at the rear of booths & will be monitored by food vendor staff to make sure customers touch only their orders.  
  • Customers in lines must social distance both inside and outside of the pavilion.
  • Customers will not be allowed to wait for their orders in front of or in any area within the pavilion.
  • All food items must be packaged for takeout/off-premise consumption. 
  • No utensils will be given or available; no condiments will be available.
  • No on-site dining areas will be available at Steamboat Landing at this time. This includes picnic tables and dock area.

UPDATE JUNE 22, 2020

While the market has been open during the pandemic, business has not been usual. But now that New York state is reopening, expect some changes here at the market.

Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday markets are now open every week. All vendors are allowed back at market, and we can fill market stalls to 100%. Right now we are selling some prepared food, but it must be eaten off-site, and in many cases is sold cold to be warmed up at home.

Market staff have been enforcing a “one person per household or group” rule, but beginning this weekend, that will be raised to allow two people per group. The number of customers inside the building will still be closely monitored to allow for proper social distancing. If the capacity number is met during market, staff will ask new customers to form a line and wait to enter the pavilion. Social distancing rules are still in effect, so everyone must remain 6 feet apart at all times.

This first stage will last two weeks, with more changes to come after an initial assessment.

In conjunction with the Tompkins County Health Department, IFM has worked hard to keep the market open as a safe grocery outlet – and not the social gathering spot it’s known to be. Limited markets means a lot less money for each business, and limited vendors means a lot less money for the organization. To combat some major losses, the market has created a donation page. Click HERE to find out how to support the Ithaca Farmers Market.

The market serves as a year-round hub of commerce and community, and has allowed many people the chance to start their own business on a small scale – without the expenses and risks usually associated with the process. Over the years the market has proved to be one of the most iconic in the nation and helped grow brands like Gimme Coffee, Ithaca Hummus and Emmy’s Organics. If you want to help the market stay around for years to come, please visit the donation page or purchase IFM swag HERE.

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