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IFM Executive Director Anton Burkett is looking for help! “We have a great crew of IFM vendor volunteers and a sizable budget but we just aren’t keeping up!” says Burkett,  “We’re just stretched too thin!”. The farmers market maintains the Steamboat Landing facility, but the City of Ithaca owns the location and it’s a City park. Our farmers market location provides one of the few places in the city for public access to the waterfront. “We could do so much more, it’s one of the four main reasons we’ve partnered with community members to form the Friends of IFM nonprofit” Burkett says about the market location. “We’d like to see this place impeccably maintained, with more amenities so that the public can fully enjoy this location on market and non-market days alike.” 

With your help we can do small things like improve ground maintenance and add picnic tables, and we can do big things, like improve the parking lot and add a floating dock. 

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