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Celery Root and Apple Fritters

Recipe by Allison Hancock of The Silver Spoon

Celery root is a humble vegetable. Often covered with knobby shoots on it’s dusty brown exterior, it is no contender for ‘most beautiful root’. But luckily, appearance doesn’t dictate flavor. Celery root, otherwise known as celeriac, is available in our area through early to mid May. Once peeled, a creamy white interior is revealed with a flavor like a parsnip and celery stalks had a baby – and texture similar to a potato. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also versatile. Try it thinly shaved raw in a salad, mashed like potatoes with butter and cream or alongside other root veggies in a stew.

If you’re nervous about cooking with celery root, this recipe is a great introduction. The batter comes together quickly with just a few ingredients – and takes no time at all to go from mixing bowl to plate. Fritters make a great snack or can be served with a green salad (pictured with spinach from Buried Treasures Organic Farm.) The batter can also be cooked in a waffle iron and topped with local bacon and a poached egg for a killer breakfast! These fritters are crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, and delicious.

Chef’s Notes: To make this recipe gluten free, simply swap the all-purpose flour with a cup-for-cup gluten free flour. You can make the fritters silver dollar size or larger, but note that cooking times will vary. Flip fritters when golden brown and don’t worry about perfecting the shape, freeform will give you crispy, lacy edges!

Makes 6-12 depending on the size that you choose to make them

1 1 lb. Celery Root, peeled: (mine were from Early Morning Farms)
½ lb. apples with a good balance of tart and sweet: I used Goldrush from Jackman Vineyards
Juice from half of a lemon
2 eggs, beaten
¾ cup (96g) all-purpose flour
1-2 teaspoons minced fresh herbs. I used rosemary but thyme, oregano or parsley would be lovely. Avoid mint, dill or cilantro
1 ½ teaspoon kosher salt
½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
Oil for cooking

Grate celery root and apples using the grating blade of a food processor or the large holes on a box grater. Add shredded celery root and apples to a medium sized mixing bowl and toss with lemon juice.

Add eggs, flour, herbs, salt and pepper to celery root and apples and stir with a fork to combine. Make sure there is no dry flour left in the bowl.

Heat a non-stick skillet over medium high heat and add oil to coat the bottom of the skillet. When the oil is shimmering, add dollops of batter and spread out with the fork to ¼ inch thickness. Cook 2-3 minutes until golden brown on the bottoms. Flip and cook another 2-3 minutes, until golden brown on both sides. Remove to a kitchen towel lined plate and immediately sprinkle lightly with salt. Continue cooking in batches until you run out of batter, oiling the skillet in between each batch. Keep the cooked fritters in a low oven until you are done cooking the entirety of the batter.

Serve immediately! I drizzled fritters with Ginger Cinnamon Honey from Bright Raven Farm – that I infused with arbol chiles for a kick of heat. And of course, I paired it with a dry, local cider. Enjoy!

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