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As promised, we are holding a special event to thank our *Market Heroes* for their amazing financial support this year! This weekend only, if you have donated $30+ to our fundraising campaign, you are eligible to take part in this event! How to participate: 1. Come to market WITH YOUR MARKET HERO TOTE BAG. If…(Read More)

Land of Plenty

Written by Karma Glos of Kingbird Farm As the growing season comes to an end and we reap the harvest grown in these rich temperate soils, I am conscious to count my blessings. We live and farm in a region of the country where natural resources are abundant and the climate generally supportive. While we…(Read More)

Written by Karma Glos of Kingbird Farm The pansies have run amuck. They are my most pernicious weed. The clematis have burned in the drought, but may have a second chance to bloom this fall. The salvias are blazing their nectar advertisement to the hummingbirds and basking in the heat. The tomatoes are starting to…(Read More)

This might be our biggest news ever! Our friends at Ithaca Hummus have pledged to match EVERY SINGLE donation to our Market Hero fundraiser this weekend, Thursday-Sunday, July 9-12, with NO LIMIT! They want us to meet our goal of $20,000 – or even surpass it! If you’ve been on the fence…(Read More)

UPDATE JULY 17, 2020 Starting this weekend, on site dining is allowed again. But for now, it’s ONLY allowed at picnic tables. This allows us to monitor the situation more closely and make sure people are wearing their masks at all times except when seated. Eating in the pavilion, on the dock or anywhere…(Read More)

Updated July 17, 2020 Stay home if you are sick. Send only one or two people from your household or group to shop. If you come with more than two people, you will NOT all be allowed in the pavilion at once. Once we hit maximum capacity in the pavilion, we will form a line…(Read More)

UPDATED APRIL 14, 2020 In order to make your market trip faster – and allow our vendors to anticipate inventory needs – many of our businesses have started doing pre-orders. Please review this list to order items to be picked up at market, or various other methods or delivery. Macro Mamas – PREPARED FOOD Preorder…(Read More)

Dear Market Community Members, As a community farmers’ market, we feel we have an important role in continuing to bring fresh, local foods to our customers for as long as possible during this difficult period. Local farmers and food systems are critical to our local economy, and, along with farmers markets, are defined as “essential…(Read More)


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