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UPDATED APRIL 14, 2020 In order to make your market trip faster – and allow our vendors to anticipate inventory needs – many of our businesses have started doing pre-orders. Please review this list to order items to be picked up at market, or various other methods or delivery. Macro Mamas – PREPARED FOOD Preorder…(Read More)

Dear Market Community Members, As a community farmers’ market, we feel we have an important role in continuing to bring fresh, local foods to our customers for as long as possible during this difficult period. Local farmers and food systems are critical to our local economy, and, along with farmers markets, are defined as “essential…(Read More)

Recipe by Kendall Blizzard of Lamb is a protein not many people eat regularly. It’s a flavorful, tender meat that can often be found at many farmers markets. I grew up eating lamb from my Lebanese heritage. It’s a protein I am always advocating for, especially when you can find grass…(Read More)

Dear Ithaca Farmers Market Customers, The safety and well being of our community is of the utmost importance and so we’d like to update you on the steps we are taking–and recommending to you–to maintain Ithaca Farmers Market as an important community resource in this time of uncertainty. We are, and have…(Read More)

Written by Christi Sobel March: the time of year for chasing rainbows, looking out for leprechauns, imbibing (or avoiding) green beer and making special St. Patrick’s Day recipes. Luckily, the traditional Irish dinner of corned beef, potatoes and cabbage can all be sourced locally. But what is corned beef exactly? Corned beef has nothing…(Read More)

The Seeds of Spring

Written by Karma Glos of Kingbird Farm Planting seeds is an act of magic. Tiny, hard, protective grains of potential life await their fate in paper envelopes. The envelopes, tucked in boxes, are bunched with rubber bands and organized according to my fickle human planting schedule. Little stories and germination suggestions on these seed packets…(Read More)

Written by Yvonne Tarantelli Leeks are members of the Allium family along with onions and garlic, and have been used by various groups of people all over the world for thousands of years. Originally from Central Asia, they were a staple in Egyptian, Greek and Roman cuisines, and are now loved around the world. In…(Read More)


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